Our people

Board of Directors & Senior Management

  • Colin Worboys             Chairman
  • Jerry Froggett              Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
  • Gila Dostmohamed     Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
  • Mark Ray                     Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer
  • Ian Harris                     Non-Executive Director
  • Richard Potter             Non-Executive Director
  • Raj Shah                     Non-Executive Director

Interpreter Bookings & Operations Team

Our friendly multilingual in-house bookings team has the knowledge and experience to source the right interpreter quickly for you.  We are here 24 hours day, every day of the year.  To make a booking, call 01223 346870 or email booking@cintra.org.uk.

Public Sector Translation Team

Our in-house team of multilingual and highly experienced translation project managers is here to support you through all the phases of Public Sector translation projects. To discuss your project, call 01223 346871 or email translation@cintra.org.uk.

Commercial & Editorial Translation

Cintra's subsidiary, First Edition Translations Ltd, are experts in commercial translation and editorial translation. To discuss your project, call 01223 356733 or email enquiries@firstedit.co.uk


Our interpreters and translators play the key role in assisting our clients to communicate safely and effectively with non-English speakers.  They are experienced, trained professionals speaking over 100 languages between them.  If you are interested in working with us as an interpreter or translator, please visit the 'Work with us' section for more information.