Linguist registration information - Ministry of Justice work

Information for linguists applying to Cintra for all sectors including Ministry of Justice spoken word interpreting work

Dear Linguist

As an experienced criminal justice sector linguist, thank you for commencing your registration with Cintra Language Services Group Ltd. Please read the information on this page before proceeding to the next stage of our registration process.

Linguist support

We aim to support our registered linguists in all aspects of an assignment: from journey problems; difficulties during an assignment; emotional support following a tough job; through to the claims process. Once you are registered with us you will also have access to our CPD training. We care about our linguists and the quality of the service we provide through our linguists and office team.

To register

Please complete and return (ideally by email to ) the registration and optional equality form below:

Registration form

Equality form

Cintra Ministry of Justice Work

Cintra is collaborating with thebigword as a supplier for Ministry of Justice (MOJ) spoken word interpreting assignments.  thebigword is the main contractor for the supply of a wide range of language services to the MOJ in the UK. As a sub-contractor, Cintra is  the exclusive provider for MOJ spoken word interpreting work in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Rate card - 1 hour minimum, after that you will be paid for actual duration, subject to curtailment policy. Enhancements for unsocial hours, security level and urgency (when required by the job).

MOJ Assignments - Policies

Information pack

Once registered, all your communication about Cintra MOJ assignments will be via Cintra, not thebigword ie assignment information, claims and payments. You will not use thebigword's on-line portal to accept and claim for jobs, but rather you will use Cintra’s procedures and systems (more details will be sent to you once you are registered with Cintra). Support for any assignment problems will be provided by Cintra staff.

Security Clearance

The minimum security clearance you need for most MOJ work is a Basic Disclosure and for police work an NPPV 2 or 3. Once we have seen your registration form we will advise you if you need any further clearances to those you may already hold.

What next?

After successfully completing our registration process we will send you a contract and welome pack containing further information and our policies and procedures.

Any questions regarding registration?

If you need further assistance please contact Tamas or Agnes, the Human Resources Administrators, preferably by email to or phone 01223 346875 or 346873.