Effective, efficient and reliable transcriptions

Cintra provides high quality written transcripts of audio and video recordings, such as 

  • Police interviews
  • Court proceedings
  • Interpreting sessions
  • Telephone conversations
  • Meeting discussions

We can provide a transcription from many source materials, including audio and videocassettes, CDs, mini-disks, mp3, wav, mpeg and many more.

The transcript can be produced as a Word file in the same language as the source audio, or translated into other languages as required.

We also provide Braille transcriptions, making your written materials accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

… to the highest standards

Cintra applies strict quality assurance procedures to all transcription projects, ensuring that they are checked for accuracy, completeness and appropriate style and format before being delivered.  Throughout the transcription process, all documents are treated as confidential and stored in a secure environment.

To discuss your transcription project, or for more information, call our friendly team on 01223 346870 or email