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We were delighted with Cintra's translation work.  They were very efficient and their customer care was outstanding, keeping us informed of progress.  They were a joy to deal with!

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Cintra Language Services Group translates in excess of 13,000,000 words per year, into more than 100 languages. The Group offers two distinctive and highly specialised translation products both via the Cintra brand, and through its subsidiary, First Edition Translations Ltd.

Cintra is a highly experienced translation provider for the Public Sector in the United Kingdom. Offering fast, reliable and competitively priced translation services with a special emphasis on the justice, legal and social care sectors, Cintra works with many public sector agencies to make their written communications accessible to people speaking other languages.

First Edition Translations Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cintra Language Services Group in 2016. A leading commercial and editorial translation agency, First Edition, also based in Cambridge, provide commercial and editorial translation services to customers not only in the UK, but throughout the World too. First Edition are the go-to solution for all commercial and editorial translation needs. First Edition is also a specialist book translation agency, working with publishers across the UK and Europe.

We can produce translations in formats other than text, including audio and video.

Our project managers will work with you throughout your translation project and ensure that it is completed on time and on budget.

Get in touch:

For Public Sector translation: call Cintra on 01223 346870 or email

For Commercial and Editorial translation, as well as translation services for individuals: call First Edition on 01223 356733 or email

To find out more about First Edition Translations Ltd., please click here.