Audio and video

Cintra helps you to communicate with individuals and communities

  • whose language does not have a written form (eg Sylheti, Pahari, Pakistani Punjabi and Mirpuri Punjabi)
  • who are unable to access written materials due to low literacy or visual impairment
  • whose preferred language is British Sign Language (BSL).

Our translators are skilled and experienced in producing audio translations of written text in over 100 languages.  All audio translation projects are carried out by a native speaker of the target language (the language the audio translation is produced in).

We can also produce video translations of English text into BSL. All our video translation projects are carried out by qualified and experienced BSL interpreters.

Cintra applies strict quality assurance procedures to all translation projects, ensuring that they are reviewed and checked for accuracy, completeness and appropriate style and format before being delivered. Throughout the translation process, all documents and other media are treated as confidential and stored in a secure environment.

To discuss your translation project, or for more information, call our friendly team on 01223 346870 or email