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I tell the musicians everything Pyotor says and everything they say back to
him... and I just could never have imagined any job so wonderful.

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Our linguists work with us on a freelance basis on assignments at any time of day or night at any day of the year. If you are interested in working with us, whatever your language combination, to find out more about the job roles and training on offer and our selection criteria, click on any of the links above.

Cintra works with a continually expanding pool of highly-skilled, UK-based linguists.

We apply the highest standards of registration to ensure an excellent service. To register with us, interpreters and translators must be trained and qualified to the required professional standards. Our linguists are assessed and security-vetted as part of the registration process, and are required to follow our Code of Conduct of confidentiality and impartiality.

Cintra values its interpreters and translators and recognises their professionalism and the complexity of their work. Our linguists’ well-being and continuing professional development are important to us. Activities and resources we offer include interpreter networking events, counselling services, skills development courses, briefing papers and newsletters.

Cintra is one of the few agencies with its own in-house interpreter training and Diploma in Public Services Interpreting exam centre. We are currently running a Diploma in Police Interpreting in Leicester.

To listen to true stories from professional interpreters, follow this link.